We export quality chicken eggs

from a small set
of carefully selected farms in Poland

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Quality control

We know the local market

Do you know from which farms to buy from? We do! Not all producers are worth working with. We’re on site. We know how to select them.

We verify the merchandise

We make sure the eggs are worth the price you have paid by checking them carefully before shipping 

We speak your language

Efficient and pleasent communication is a must. English or German - that's up to you. Call and tell us how we can help. It's as easy as that!

About us

We are a multi trade enterprise with its roots in an egg farm

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Foundation year

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needed to verify us

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Our roots are to be found in an egg farm, that's present on the market since 40 years. We've noticed there's a great demand for quality eggs from Poland as more and more importers started to ask about the possibility of purchasing wholsale quantities of eggs. The problems were always the same - finding the needed quantity and securing the deliveries in a long-term was only one of them. The more pressing issue was - how to be sure the merchandise has the required quality and that the person on the other side is thustworthy? That's where we come in.

An official government guide on how to verify your Polish partner can be found here. Feel free to check us out by yourself!

We're a smaller company, but that allows us to be very flexible and deeply engaged on every step of the way. We definitely want to prove you, that we're a trustworthy and conscientious partner, both for good and bad times alike. Give us a try! 

Try us out and order now!

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Chicken eggs wholesales

We deliver fresh and tasty chicken eggs in various weight classes and originating from different raising methods:

  • enriched cages eggs,

  • free range eggs,

  • barn eggs. 

Egg S size
Egg M size
Egg L size

S size


M size


L size


Euro cash


We take great care that the eggs are carefully handled during loading and properly stored in optimal conditions. The minimum order quantity is 10 800 pieces.

At the moment our services do not include international transportation. Thus moving the eggs from Poland to the destination location is up to the customer.


Our eggs are, by default, stored on egg trays (30 pieces each) and stacked on the popular Euro-pallet, where each one can contain either 9000 or 10800 eggs.

Other possibilites include packing the eggs in carton boxes (360 pieces each), either on 30- or 10-pieces trays / packs.


As a standard we accept wire transfers, both in the form of pre-payments and payments on account (where only part of the total sum is being pre-paid).

For our trusted long-term clients we also offer post-payments.

Contact us


If you are interested in a quotation or simply want to ask a few questions, feel free to call us using the phone number specified below.
We are available from 09:00 until 17:00 (GMT+1).

Alternatively, write us by using the contact form localted on the right. We will try to answer as fast as we can!

Call us

(+48) 579 652 989

or write us

contact [at] egg-export-poland.com